Sculptures & Process Work


Project Overview: The objective was to transform assigned textbook content into visually engaging infographs.


Pages From My Notebook

The journey from notebook to creation is where my artistic vision takes shape. Through process work and brainstorming, I explore ideas, refine concepts, and discover the deeper meaning behind each piece. In my notebook, I capture fleeting thoughts and inspiration, allowing ideas to evolve. As I transition to the physical realm, I bring these ideas to life, guided by the initial insights from my notebook. It is a transformative process that ensures my creations carry depth, meaning, and a sense of authenticity. From ideation to execution, this journey showcases the power of imagination and introspection in the world of art.

The “Vitiligo Leg” sculpture serves as a heartfelt tribute to individuals who are living with vitiligo, a skin condition that affects pigmentation. Constructed using plaster, metal wire, and acrylic paint, this piece embraces the notion of self-confidence and celebrates the beauty found within perceived imperfections. The juxtaposition of plaster and wire on a casted foot symbolizes the strength and support that can be found within oneself, even in the face of societal standards of beauty. The sculpture aims to convey the message of embracing one’s inner self and finding solace in the support received from within. It highlights the idea that personal identity is intricately tied to one’s physical form, much like the laces that connect the sculpture to the skin. 

This artwork communicates a powerful sentiment about the interconnectedness of emotions, thoughts, and feelings, emphasizing the significance of human connections and the impact they have on our perception of self. Through rational thought, interpretation, and a shared sense of empathy, we can forge meaningful connections that foster understanding and acceptance.

The sculpture showcases an arrangement of numerous hands, casted from plaster of Paris, stacked one on top of the other. This captivating composition carries profound symbolism within its form. Each hand represents a unique individual, and as they come together in this interconnected formation, they symbolize unity, collaboration, and the power of collective strength. The layering of hands suggests a sense of support, solidarity, and the inherent beauty that emerges when people join forces. The diverse sizes and positions of the hands reflect the multiplicity of perspectives, experiences, and talents that exist within a community.

This sculpture serves as a reminder of the immense potential that lies within human connection, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and the ability to achieve greatness when individuals unite towards a common purpose. 

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