Project Overview: Create an exclusive brand identity for a Madagascar-based travel company by producing promotional materials that highlight the country’s tourist attractions and destinations.


Discover the exotic and breathtaking beauty of Madagascar with my travel company, offering unparalleled experiences that showcase the island’s vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and unique wildlife.

Developing a brand identity is an exciting task, requiring careful consideration of various elements such as name, logo, and unique features that distinguish a company from others. In our recent project, we were tasked with creating a brand identity for a travel company. The promotional material included designing an Instagram ad, poster, Snapchat story, leaderboard, luggage tags, and the company logo.

My aim was to create a brand that had a relaxed tone, while also evoking a sense of wanderlust and adventure in potential travelers. I opted for a color scheme of blue and green, symbolizing the ocean and trees, respectively. The logo was designed to be simple yet captivating, with my initials created using a wooden letter and a lemur’s tail.

To provide my clients with modern and trendy designs, I keep myself up to date with the latest design trends. Throughout the whole process, I received guidance and support, which enabled me to develop a brand that perfectly fit the travel company’s vision.

Are you tired of ordinary luggage tags that blend into the crowd? Well, get ready for an extraordinary travel experience with our Tree Nurturing & Reforestation (TNR) Baobab-themed luggage tags!

I Created My Own Filter!

Introducing a fun and unique personalized filter available exclusively in Madagascar! Capture your adventures in the jungle with your furry companion in a frame that's truly one-of-a-kind.
I drew inspiration for the filter from the local flora and fauna in Antananarivo. The crocodile and vines used in the filter design represent the region's natural beauty and wildlife. This filter adds a fun and interactive element that is sure to enhance the user's experience while showcasing the unique culture and environment of Anatananrivo, Madagascar.Share some pride in Antananarivo, a local landmark, or any public location in Madagascar. Use my free filter for a location or moment that is special to you!

Jungle Gems: A Jungle-Inspired Poster brings Wildlife to Life

Antananarivo’s wildlife is a sight to behold, and I wanted to capture that beauty in my poster designs. Using Adobe Illustrator, I created a series of jungle animals that are unique to the region. To make it even more fun and engaging, I added an iPhone picture frame to the design, suggesting potential Instagram-worthy shots. The poster invites users to share their experiences of Antananarivo with their followers, showcasing the natural wonders of this unique destination.

The booklet emits a palpable sense of discomfort, evoked by the charcoal illustrations, jagged pull quotes, and hand-rendered orange comments. These orange quotes, which appear throughout the book, heighten the sense of unease and give voice to Duncan’s own thoughts as if he were sharing his truth within its pages.

Located in the center of the booklet, a smaller book features direct quotes taken from the inquest investigation that was conducted in response to Duncan’s tragic death.

In my travel company’s leaderboard, is inspired by the playful antics and inquisitive nature of the lemurs, as they take center stage in our exploration of Madagascar’s rich biodiversity. With their distinctive appearance and unique behaviors, I aim to capture the imaginations of prospective travelers, enticing them to embark on a journey to witness these incredible creatures firsthand.

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